At Conquest Training, it is our business to understand your business. 

We tailor bespoke training solutions to ensure your people are efficient, on track, and understand the vital role they play in your business.

As organisations we all hope to head in the same direction. We are looking to move onward and upward. We know that sustaining growth and building productivity relies on the people within the organisation.

Our staff are specialists in their area. We take the time to understand your business and where you need to go, what you need to get there, and how, together, we will achieve your aims.

Conquest Training engages your people with fun, honest and professional training and consulting. Our specialty is communication. Whether it is written, verbal, health and safety or management, communication is the key to any successful organisation.

Success comes from understanding each other and working together. Conquest harnesses the skills of all people to promote an engaged and enthusiastic team environment.

Our People

Nettles Lamont

Managing Director, Conquest Training Limited

Nettles established Conquest Training in 1998. The aim is to dedicate an organisation to upskilling New Zealand’s workforce in literacy, numeracy and communication.

Nettles is passionate about unleashing the potential of a business by growing and supporting people on their training journey.

“Conquest Training has been helping New Zealand Companies and their people for over a decade. Conquest works with companies to support their staff as they upskill. A focus of Conquest is to assist and build people’s skill base in literacy, numeracy and communication in the workplace. As people’s confidence grows further specific vocational upskilling is encouraged and career pathways are forged.”


Felicity Cuff

Felicity has been with Conquest Training for more than 6 years designing, developing and running programmes.

In 2020 Felicity was highly commended as Champion Trainer in the TEC Skills Highway Awards.

She brings experience, skill and humour to any training room.

“Felicity was really good at making people feel comfortable” – Fiona Ingram

“The biggest and most important thing is communication, and confidence.  If you ask a team that has gone through this programme they will say they are more confident in themselves.”

Felicity cuff

Our Tutors

Our tutors are specialists and are professionally trained in their various fields of expertise.

It is essential that the correct tutor with their individual talents and skills are matched to the specific needs of our clients. Then together they can work together towards achieving the same goal.